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We reserve the right to substitute similar weights and cuts of meat, but like good Texans, promise to uphold our end of the deal. $250 value includes selection of five cuts, shipping, and handling.

Boneless Ribs

Wagyu Boneless Ribs


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Other names: Boneless Country Style Ribs, Chuck Ribs

Bottom RoundBottom Round

Wagyu Bottom Round Roast


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Other names: Bottom Round Oven Roast, Bottom Round Pot Roast, Bottom Round Rump Roast, Round Roast

BrisketBrisketOut Of Stock

Wagyu Brisket


Temporarily... SOLD OUT!

Other names: Not Needed

Chuck RoastChuck Roast

Wagyu Chuck Roast


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Other names: Center Cut Chuck Roast, Chuck Center Roast, Chuck Pot Roast, Pot Roast


Wagyu Cross-Cut Beef Shanks


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Other names: Shanks, Soup Bone

Eye of Round RoastOut Of Stock

Wagyu Eye of Round Roast


Temporarily... SOLD OUT!

Other names: Roast Beef

Korean RibsKorean RibsOut Of Stock

Wagyu Korean-Style Short Ribs


Temporarily... SOLD OUT!

Other names: Chuck Ribs, English Ribs, Flanken Ribs, Kalbi-Style Ribs, Cross Ribs

Mock TenderMock Tender

Wagyu Mock Tenders (Teres Major)


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Other names: Chuck Eye; Chuck Filet, Chuck Mock Tender Roast, Medallion Pot Roast, Scotch Tender, Mock Tender, Teres Mejor


Wagyu Oxtail


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Other names: Beef tail, Cow tail

Arm Roast (Boneless)

Wagyu Pot Roast


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Other names: Arm Roast, Chuck Arm Roast, Arm Pot Roast

Short RibsShort Ribs

Wagyu Short Ribs


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Other names: Beef Spare Ribs, Beef Riblets, Beef Ribs, Dinosaur Ribs, Finger Ribs, Rib Bones

Sirloin Tip SteakSirloin Tip Steak

Wagyu Sirloin Tip Steak


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Other names: Tip Roast, Minute Steak, Sandwich Steak, Crescent Roast, Round Tip Roast, Bottom Sirloin, Bald Tip, Knuckle, Ball Tip, Round Tip, Sirloin Butt

Stew Meat

Wagyu Stew Meat (1 lb)


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Other names: Kabob, Chili Meat, Short Head


Wagyu Tongue


Only 2 left in stock

Other names: Ox tongue